I'm a fair weather artist. I admit it. I have a tendency to vacate my studio for months at a time.

The seasons in Minnesota are brief and extreme. If it is too hot I can't fire up the 1500 degree kiln. If it is too cold I can't run the ventilation system.

This leaves me with spring and fall to get all my creativity in. Sounds legit.

But the weather is turning cooler and I am no longer using the garden as my creative outlet so I have turned back to the studio. Haven't fired up the torch or kiln yet, but I've been having fun thumbing through all my loose pieces and putting together some new jewelry. Keep an eye on my Etsy shop for some fun new pieces and like my Facebook page to see all my new works.


... on my shoulder, makes me happy ...

Pretty sure I just aged myself big time with that little number. Ah well. Sunshine DOES make me  happy - and inspired.

Something about sunrises and sunsets in March are just stunning. Oranges and yellows and pinks! The most brilliantly happy color combination ever put together, brought to you by none other than God himself.

I love looking to nature for amazing color inspiration. This collection of beads was born out of watching a Minnesota March sunrise reflecting off the white blanket of snow.

It is getting warmer and that means more studio time!

These beads will be listed on Facebook after they've been thoroughly inspected and posed for their individual photo shoots. Follow my page to never miss when I list new beads for sale.

Happy Sunshine!

New Year; New Beads

Happy New Year!
Did you make any resolutions? Have you broken them already? I am not much into resolutions, however I do like to set little goals and objectives for myself. Maybe they are the same thing.

One of my goals is to try and stick to a color palette for more than just a pair of beads. I do get bored easily so I want to be able to change up styles and techniques, but stick within a family of colors so that if someone wanted to, they could use them all together in one bigger set.

We'll see how long it lasts and whether or not I stick to it.

Here is my first little grouping of beads for the new year - all in shades of purple and turquoise with some pops of lime green and orange thrown in for that extra oomph. This is one of my favorite color combinations and I don't think I could ever tire of it.

These little bead sets will all be listed on Facebook next week. Follow me to always know when I have new beads available!

All About Color

I've always been about the color. I think that is what drew me in to glass in the first place - the bright and beautiful colors.
My latest sessions at the torch have been trying different color layering combinations and working them in with different techniques. These little variety sets also work well with my need for constant variation.

Rounds seem to be my go-to shape lately as I find them to create the most visual depth of color. Still love me some sprees and nuggets, but the light definitely passes through the rounds in a way that gives the appearance of more depth.
All these little sets available soon on Facebook and Etsy.
Happy New Year!

Something New; Something Blue

Design ruts. Hate them. When the creative muse goes on vacation it can be difficult to get back on track. This is usually when I take a full blown hiatus and go do something else. Like gardening. Gardening is good for my soul ... and my backside - pretty sure I did the equivalent of 500 squats weeding the garden, and 30,000 steps up and down the ladder pruning the vine.

In addition to all the fabulous muscle toning that gardening provides, I find it also recharges my creative muse and helps get me out of my design ruts. I always find inspiration in nature, and quite often the varied greens of the trees in combination with a clear blue sky will re-ignite my passion. Pretty sure you can find lime green and blue in nearly all of my creations - and frequently you will find them paired together.

My latest jewelry pieces were born out of my favorite color scheme inspired by green trees against a clear blue sky. Minimalist and statement at the same time I find they are a fun contrast of simp…

Recovery Road

Getting old is not for the faint of heart. Over the Memorial Day weekend we celebrated my birthday. It was fun and fabulous, until one false move...

Doing the 'mom' thing, my hands were full and loaded down with food and beverages for the hangry children that were ready to keel over from starvation and dehydration. Said supplies were in the fridge of a friend's boat. Said children were at the beach area waiting impatiently.

I thought I could make it. I got this. Moms are basically super heroes. I am used to performing heroics. Not this time.

It is not entirely certain exactly what failed. Did my eyes misjudge the distance across? Or perhaps the depth of the drop? Did my leg and foot fail to execute the step properly? Did the boat move at just the wrong moment?

I did not stick the landing. I fell shin first onto the concrete dock. Then bounced thigh, shoulder, and finally head. At least the head hit last and didn't take any force. Pretty sure the feet never even touched …

Color Samples

For whatever reason bead pairs are hot sellers right now. This trend works really well with my glass A.D.D. because I can switch gears and change directions more often.

We all know how much I struggle with making large sets in the first place. This pair business is right up my alley and so much fun I just can't stop.

For the first time in a long time I am actually writing down my color recipes too. That means I can actually tell you what glass I used to make these. Cue the shock and awe.
The best part of making these little color sample sets is that I can determine which recipes I like and what color families I want to work with. The stand-outs will surely become larger bead sets and the others will simply go off to their new homes as fun little pairs.

These sets will be listed on a Facebook auction group this week. Follow my Facebook page to get notified when they are available.