I have come to the conclusion that I produce better art when I am not really trying. Apparently my anal retentive, ocd, detail-oriented, control-freak qualities are absolutely perfect for my day job, but not necessarily conducive to the creation of expressive art.

Thank goodness I am also an extremist - which comes in quite handy for the creative part of me that does produce art. Because if I can't make it perfect, I just "throw it together" and call it a day. It is from those experimental endeavors that I give you my new line of pendants: Scraptastic

My scraptastic series was actually born from my compulsive need to clean the clutter around my studio. It was beginning to overtake my space and cramp my creative style. When I get in these moods I tend to fill bags and bags worth of stuff to purge. The garbage man dislikes those days. The folks at Goodwill love those days.

The scrap bin of leftover glass rods and stringers was full to the brink. So I decided to grab a handful from here, and a handful from there and throw them all together in the kiln and fire it up. Of course that whole left brain had to take over, and as much as I would like to say they were really just "thrown together", there was a fair amount of strategic placement involved ;)

These have been really fun to make and are going to now be a staple line for me. I am always producing scrap glass and this is the perfect way to turn that scrap into some fantastic one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art that I hope you enjoy.

These pieces will all be available in my Etsy shop. Check back often as I never know when the urge to de-clutter will strike again.


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