Equipment Failure

It's broken.

I work in the IT field and my most favorite help desk issue is an email that says "it's broken" - with absolutely no other defining information whatsoever. You'd be surprised just how often that comes across my desk. I love my users.

So what exactly is broken? Sadly, it is my oxygen concentrator. And quite possibly my kiln too. I was in the middle of a most fabulous set of beads the other night when all of a sudden everything went haywire. My kiln shut off, except I didn't notice till the temperature had already dropped to 300 degrees. I am sad to report the beads in the kiln did not survive. [insert loud wailing and uncontrollable sobbing here]

My flame started to flicker and then a REALLY LOUD beeping noise went off and nearly gave me a heart-attack in my chair - which is highly dangerous when holding hot molten glass in your hand. Poof! The oxygen went out and my torch turned into a flame thrower.

And that was the end of my torching session.

A power surge or failure is to blame for the kiln. It may have fried the relay switch in the process. There wasn't even a spectacular thunderstorm to blame. Lame. Thankfully relay switches are inexpensive and somewhat easy to replace - when you have yourself a handy dandy engineer for a husband like I do.

The likely culprit for the oxygen concentrator is the cooling fan - since the cause of forced shut-down was overheating. That handy dandy engineer hubby of mine pulled it apart and noted the cooling fan was not spinning. Apparently this means it is not working. Again, a relatively inexpensive part to replace, however, a bit more of a challenge to actually work on.

Sadly this means I am out of commission until I can get new parts for my equipment and bribe my hubby to fix it all for me. I promise to be back in business just as soon as I can. Thanks for sticking with me!


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