Color Samples

For whatever reason bead pairs are hot sellers right now. This trend works really well with my glass A.D.D. because I can switch gears and change directions more often.

We all know how much I struggle with making large sets in the first place. This pair business is right up my alley and so much fun I just can't stop.

For the first time in a long time I am actually writing down my color recipes too. That means I can actually tell you what glass I used to make these. Cue the shock and awe.
The best part of making these little color sample sets is that I can determine which recipes I like and what color families I want to work with. The stand-outs will surely become larger bead sets and the others will simply go off to their new homes as fun little pairs.

These sets will be listed on a Facebook auction group this week. Follow my Facebook page to get notified when they are available.


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