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One of the neatest (and sometimes horrifying) things about being a parent is witnessing first hand just how much of a role genetics play in dictating your personality. Of course there is that whole nature/nurture stuff too, but some things - especially the really odd things - are just plain old genetics. Thanks mom & dad. It was most evident to me today when my 3 year old was insistent on playing with finger paints. Being the OCPD type that I am I begrudgingly dug them out of the bucket (that is kept in strict lock-down), suited her up in an apron, set her up outside on the patio table, and let her go to town like any good mother would. Not more than 2 minutes into her first masterpiece, she is freaking out and yelling "mama dirty. all dirty. wash hands mama." Really? You are three. Most 3 year olds love to get dirty. Nope. Not mine. She couldn't handle having paint on her fingers and needed to be cleaned up. That was the end of her first Picasso. Poor thing.

Murphy's Law

Just who is this Murphy guy anyway? And why is he always right? According to Wiki (the be-all, end-all knowledge resource), there is no direct link to any particular person named Murphy, but apparently he is most certainly always right. "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong". I usually consider myself an eternal optimist. You know, one of those really annoying people who are always happy and always see the bright side of life. Many of my close friends and family think I am mildly delusional and view the world with a different set of glasses, but alas, this week I have to say I side with Murphy. My employer sent me to training - one of those week-long crash course deals that fills your brain with more knowledge than you can possibly handle in a really short time span and leaves you completely fried for the weekend. Wouldn't you know that THIS week, of all weeks, I have a bunch of orders to ship? Not that I am complaining. We all love to get sales. But my Etsy

So I have a blog. Now what?

It seems as though everyone and anyone has a blog these days. There are blogs about everything under the sun, and blogs about absolutely nothing at all. I figured it was about time I got with the 21st century and made one for myself. So here it is. Fancy that. It was pretty darn easy. Now finding content to put in here that someone else in this world would find interestesting enough to take 5 minutes out of their day to read, well, that is an entirely different story. Since I have absolutely nothing of interest to blog about right now, I am just going to put a picture out here instead so there is something worthwile to look at. Here is just a sampler of my work. Click on my website to see more. Stay tuned. I am sure I will figure out this technology and find a way to feed it into my personal website and all those other networking sites ad naseum so that I am really hip with the technology - which in all reality I should be since that is technically what I do for a living ...