One of the neatest (and sometimes horrifying) things about being a parent is witnessing first hand just how much of a role genetics play in dictating your personality. Of course there is that whole nature/nurture stuff too, but some things - especially the really odd things - are just plain old genetics. Thanks mom & dad.

It was most evident to me today when my 3 year old was insistent on playing with finger paints. Being the OCPD type that I am I begrudgingly dug them out of the bucket (that is kept in strict lock-down), suited her up in an apron, set her up outside on the patio table, and let her go to town like any good mother would.

Not more than 2 minutes into her first masterpiece, she is freaking out and yelling "mama dirty. all dirty. wash hands mama." Really? You are three. Most 3 year olds love to get dirty. Nope. Not mine. She couldn't handle having paint on her fingers and needed to be cleaned up. That was the end of her first Picasso.

Poor thing. Looks like she got that lovely trait from yours truly. And no, she didn't just pick it up by watching me. I have been trying extra hard NOT to project that silly little trait of mine onto her, but I guess it didn't matter. She got it from the gene pool instead.


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