Murphy's Law

Just who is this Murphy guy anyway? And why is he always right? According to Wiki (the be-all, end-all knowledge resource), there is no direct link to any particular person named Murphy, but apparently he is most certainly always right. "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong".

I usually consider myself an eternal optimist. You know, one of those really annoying people who are always happy and always see the bright side of life. Many of my close friends and family think I am mildly delusional and view the world with a different set of glasses, but alas, this week I have to say I side with Murphy.

My employer sent me to training - one of those week-long crash course deals that fills your brain with more knowledge than you can possibly handle in a really short time span and leaves you completely fried for the weekend. Wouldn't you know that THIS week, of all weeks, I have a bunch of orders to ship?

Not that I am complaining. We all love to get sales. But my Etsy store has been sitting there for weeks with nary a sale and no activity. Nada. But the ONE week I am completely out of touch with reality - with no access to a post office, or my shipping supplies, or even my product stash - that is the week I happen to get sales. Go figure.

I just hope my customers are understanding and not too upset with my slightly delayed shipping this week. I promise I am normally a very prompt shipper. Now just you watch. A month will go by before I make another sale. In fact, I'm pretty sure I won't make another sale until I am once again otherwise indisposed and inconvenienced. Blast that Murphy and his stupid law.


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