So I have a blog. Now what?

It seems as though everyone and anyone has a blog these days. There are blogs about everything under the sun, and blogs about absolutely nothing at all. I figured it was about time I got with the 21st century and made one for myself.

So here it is. Fancy that. It was pretty darn easy. Now finding content to put in here that someone else in this world would find interestesting enough to take 5 minutes out of their day to read, well, that is an entirely different story.

Since I have absolutely nothing of interest to blog about right now, I am just going to put a picture out here instead so there is something worthwile to look at. Here is just a sampler of my work. Click on my website to see more.

Stay tuned. I am sure I will figure out this technology and find a way to feed it into my personal website and all those other networking sites ad naseum so that I am really hip with the technology - which in all reality I should be since that is technically what I do for a living ...


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