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Conquered Fear

We took the kids to a local amusement park to have some fun and burn off some energy. My 3 year old is quite the ride junkie, but the little guy hadn't yet experienced the rush and excitement of the thrill ride. Knowing he already has an irrational fear of loud & noisy machines (like the lawnmower and vacuum cleaner), it was questionable as to whether my parental judgement was in line or if I should have been smacked for even considering such a thing. Off to the umbrella cars we went. My oldest hopped in and was raring to go. The boy, on the other hand, not so much. It was a fight to get him in the seat and pin him down long enough to get the seat belt strap on. Crocodile tears poured from the eyes and the sound of sobbing filled the air. He reached his arms up to me as if to say "save me mama! help me! get me out of here!" For a fleeting moment I thought, what kind of mother am I torturing my poor child like this? I assured him he was going to have FUN, and h