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Saying Goodbye

It has taken me 3 days to write this post – not because I am lazy and lack diligence in keeping up this blog – but because the emotions have been too raw and the pain too biting to put into words. My beloved Sweetiedog left us this past Friday after 15 glorious years together, and I am finding it hard to say goodbye. If you have never known the love of a dog, you are truly missing out on one of the greatest treasures this world has to offer. I genuinely believe God gave us dog to offer a taste and trifle sample of just how great is His love for us. It is no mere coincidence they share the same name, just spelled backwards. A dog loves without failing. They defend without mercy. They forgive without question. They give all of themselves and ask nothing in return. Their love is boundless. I have known the love of a dog, as have I known the love of God. Sweetie and I embarked upon our journey December 5, 1995 when I carried her home in a cardboard box from a little town north of St.C