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Christmas is Coming

Yep. It is that time of year again. You know, when you think you have all sorts of time and then all of a sudden it is 2 weeks until Christmas and you are scrambling to get everything in order? Yeah, that time. This year I am happy to say that I am on top of my game and ready to go. The tree is up. The presents are bought and all my custom glass orders have been cut, fired, polished, packaged and are ready to be shipped. Last year I was not so on top of it and barely got the tree up in time for Christmas and was very nearly late on a few custom orders. I blame having a baby and toddler. I always blame something other than my own procrastination. But not this year. This year is simply magical. It doesn't even feel like work this year. Something about getting sleep at night and not being massively pregnant (my babies came in January and February) make Christmas so much more fun. The kids are old enough to get into it, and I am relaxed enough to enjoy it. I hope you are enjoying