The Road to Good Health

... is not paved with pretzel M&M's and Cool Ranch Doritos. Shocking. Sad. But true. I tried to convince myself that taking my pregnancy indulgences well into my children's toddler hood was going to be totally fine. But the cold, hard truth is that those last 15 pounds of baby weight are not going to just magically disappear without a bit of effort. Bummer.

A dear friend of mine threw down a 30 day health challenge to kick our butt's into shape. Fearing bathing suit season would soon be upon us, and knowing my inner competitiveness, I signed myself up. Sure I can do this. Bye-bye baby weight. Hello smoking hot bod.

No meat? No sugar? No dairy? No processed grains? Oye. More like bye-bye all things delicious, hello food deprivation.

Being the over-zealous freak that I am, I decided I could do one better and start us off with a 36-hour apple cleanse to kick start the challenge and clean out the system. Wow. If there is ever a test of real self-control it is fasting. Because it is an inevitable guarantee that the 1 day out of your entire life you decide to fast, some jerk is going to bring in bagels and cream cheese for the entire office and eat them right in front of you. Pure unadulterated evil.

I survived the apples. Barely. But I did. And now I decided I should chronicle this epic adventure of mine and bore you all with my food ramblings because it is a bit of an obsession right now. The minute you cannot have something, it will become an obsession. It is one of those freaky laws of the universe or something. Today was day 3 of our challenge and things are getting a tad easier. I am still desperately searching for a half-n-half substitute for my coffee. It has become my primary quest in life. At least today anyways. 

Tonight I even branched out into a whole new realm of cooking and made Indian for the first time ever. Holy cats those spices they use are STINKY. I needed to vent the entire house while it was cooking. One would think having been a vegetarian already for 16 years I would have cooked with lentils by now, but this was a first. Dal. Probably the most basic Indian dish there is, but it was good for a beginner. Tasty. Stinky. But tasty.

If you are here looking for posts about glass, beads or jewelry, I am sorry to disappoint. I will likely be obsessing on this food thing for the next foreseeable future. Or at least until I can put half-n-half in my coffee again.


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