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Technical Difficulties

I may work in the IT field but I am not a network administrator. I just play one on TV  at home. To quote the user's at my office, "it's broken" . What exactly is broken I'm not sure, but we had a power blip on Monday during some fantastic thunderstorms and all went to pot on my network. It seems my router is confused and my Netgear Stora device is possessed and taking over the network. It is broadcasting itself as my website and not letting any Internet traffic out. So if you are trying to access my website ( - which I am sure you aren't as I really don't get a lot of traffic on it - it is momentarily down until I can figure out what exactly is wrong. Or until I drive myself over to Best Buy and buy a new router. Which I will probably do on Sunday. In other exciting news - not that the previous news was very exciting - I have started up a little monthly glass challenge with my glassy friend to help get the creativity going and expand o