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Ready for Ragnar

I am about to embark on an adventure that seriously calls into question my sanity, or lack thereof . I never thought I was easily subject to peer pressure but apparently my good friends can talk me into doing the craziest things by cleverly disguising them as "health and fitness" . We all know I can be a bit of a fanatic when it comes to health and fitness. And I am also easily fooled. note important item: painkillers Tomorrow I pack myself into a van with 5 other insane individuals and begin Ragnar, Great River . Six more just as insane people will make up the rest of our team in van 2. 12 runners. 200 miles. 30 hours. What on earth was I thinking?!? If you've never heard of Ragnar that just means you are not a crazy person. I'd never heard of it either until my runner friend said "hey Leslie, you wanna be on our Ragnar team?" Of course I said yes. The race is relay style. Each person runs 3 different legs of the 200 mile race. Knowing my


I didn't know what it meant when I first heard it either so I looked it up . Zentangle is essentially doodling with intent. Who doesn't love to doodle? I thought it might be fun to try doodling with glass. I grabbed myself some fine stringer, some scraps, some dots and some liquid stringer and just started having fun. The results were pretty cool and most definitely unique. Now they may not be considered a true Zentangle in it's pure form, but I figure it fit the definition close enough. Glass doodles. I most certainly had fun with this new series and I hope you enjoy them. Pieces will be going up for sale in my Etsy shop throughout the week. Let me know what you think!