A couple weeks ago I was fortunate enough to take part in a glass workshop taught by Michal Silberberg - one of my very favorite glass artists. I kinda felt a bit like a teenage girl with front row tickets to a Bon Jovi concert. Totally giddy. I've been a longtime admirer of her work and was thrilled to hear she would be in town. Although I admittedly did question her why on earth she came all the way across the pond to Minnesota of all places? Family. A-ha!

The workshop was put on by Star of the North Glassworkers - the Minnesota chapter of the ISGB (International Society of Glass Beadmakers). In order to sign up for the class I had to become a member first. Yippee! I am officially a member of a glass club. What a great group of talented artists and some very fun people.

class beads
Having been completely self-taught through painstaking hours of trial and error and a little help from the internet and YouTube, I was excited to take a real class from a real instructor and get some great hands-on experience. It really is amazing the little tips and tricks you pick up just from watching someone in action.

I learned so much from this workshop. Not just the 'big stuff' that was actually being taught, but all the little nuances that go into the process by just observing other glassworkers. I literally felt my brain exploding with new information to take back to the torch with me, and I have to admit there is a definite improvement in the technical execution of my work. I am one very happy customer.

Sadly not all my class beads survived the kiln. The alien lost a leg and my poor owl split right down the middle, but they have a new future and a new hope. I'm gonna bust out the glue and make myself some new torch mascots to hang out in the studio with me so I don't have to be all alone. Besides, I'll feel just a little less crazy talking to some new buddies instead of just talking to myself while I torch.

my new skills


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