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Reichenbach Aqua

I am not a paid color tester for any glass companies, not that I would ever turn down the opportunity if such a thing existed . Nor am I a professed expert on anything glass related - color, viscosity, compatibility or otherwise. I am just a beadmaker trying to get a handle on the ridiculous bundles of unorganized and uncategorized glass in my studio. If I am ever to get my act together and determine which colors I absolutely must have in my collection, I need to start taking notes. Since I am taking notes for myself, I thought I might as well share them with everyone else just in case you might find my ramblings interesting or useful. So here is my first color review: Reichenbach Aqua [ RL-4015 ]. In rod form this glass is a very pretty pale aqua with a slightly more greenish tint than Effetre pale aqua. There are really no surprises when melting it and it stays true to color in bead form. I didn't bother to do any reactive testing with silver, sulfured glasses and the like b

Vegan Crockpot Chili

No. This is not a foodie blog. Or a recipe blog. So don't have any expectations that you will find your next gourmet dinner posted somewhere on this site. Actually this blog isn't really about anything in particular, but rather a hodge-podge eclectic mix of random musings and ramblings by yours truly. Today, however it is a recipe blog because I thought it time I shared my famous vegan chili recipe with the rest of the free world. And I wanted to pin it to my pinterest board . Today I am making this dish by request of my 5 year old. It is her absolute favorite and I like to make my girl smile. Besides, who can argue with a 5 year old wanting to eat something so ridiculously healthy? Admittedly, I am a cook by sight/taste/feel kinda gal and rarely take exact measurements. But for all you anal compulsive measurers out there I decided to write down some "ballpark" estimates for you. By all means tweak and modify to your hearts content to get it just right for you.