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Color Theory

Color is everywhere. It is in everything. Even black & white has color. Have you ever tried to match a black shirt and a black pair of pants? Or picked out paint swatches for "white" ceilings? The underlying colors just come out. They can't help themselves. I love color. Lots of color. It makes me happy. My 5 year old shares my love for all things colorful. The other morning she came out of her room dressed in purple socks, orange leggings, a hot pink skirt and a turquoise shirt. She's quite the little fashionista. Admittedly a lot of my color inspiration comes from my daughter's closet. I so wish they would make some of those outfits in grown-up sizes - not that I could get away with actually wearing any of it . But the color palettes are always so much fun! In the summer my inspiration comes from my backyard. Stare at a beautiful garden for a few minutes to be flooded with color ideas. Scrapbook paper is also an addictive resource for great color comb

Reality Check

It's really too bad that vacation cannot last forever. Of course some people actually live in paradise whereas others ( fools like me ) choose to live in the frozen tundra ( aka Minnesota ). I always question that decision every single time we come back from our annual family vacation in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. It snowed today. Not a lot. In fact not even enough to really justify shoveling. But when you spent yesterday morning waking up to the crashing of the ocean waves against the beach and the sun in your face, it just makes it that much more depressing. Ah well. Back to reality. The kids had a blast swimming in the pool and playing on the beach. I actually rather enjoyed being disconnected from the world for just a bit and doing some relaxing. But alas, it must come to an end and reality sets in once again. The bags are unpacked. The laundry is cleaned. The fridge has been re-stocked. Now it is time to get back into the studio and crank out some glass. I have custom o