Color Theory

Color is everywhere. It is in everything. Even black & white has color. Have you ever tried to match a black shirt and a black pair of pants? Or picked out paint swatches for "white" ceilings? The underlying colors just come out. They can't help themselves.

I love color. Lots of color. It makes me happy. My 5 year old shares my love for all things colorful. The other morning she came out of her room dressed in purple socks, orange leggings, a hot pink skirt and a turquoise shirt. She's quite the little fashionista.

Admittedly a lot of my color inspiration comes from my daughter's closet. I so wish they would make some of those outfits in grown-up sizes - not that I could get away with actually wearing any of it. But the color palettes are always so much fun!

In the summer my inspiration comes from my backyard. Stare at a beautiful garden for a few minutes to be flooded with color ideas. Scrapbook paper is also an addictive resource for great color combinations. My husband has banned me from the local scrapbook store as I just can't seem to control myself there ... oooh pretty paper. must have it.

When my surroundings fail to inspire me, I can always count on my favorite color blog to spark the creative juices. Design Seeds is a fantastic resource. Be careful though, you can get lost for hours browsing through all her amazing color palettes. I pin a lot of her entries to my Pinterest board if you want to browse some of my personal favorites.


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