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A New Era

Today marked the changing of an era in my house. My eldest child started Kindergarten. I felt both old and young at the same time. Young, because watching her get on the bus and walking her into the school building brought forth a flood of memories -reminiscent of my own youth. It felt a bit like my first day of school. I had the sudden urge to pull up a chair and bust into a fresh box of crayons, but the teachers were all too quick to gently nudge us clingy parents out the door. Old, because after I returned home the house felt suddenly quiet. Too quiet . My 3 year old was off playing peacefully with his cars and I didn't have the constant chattering of my best gal gnawing my ear off. It was my first taste of "empty nest" syndrome. And I did not like it . My life flashed forward 15 years and it left goosebumps and a cool chill down my back, which in turn made me go hunt down my 3 year old - who was playing so nicely by himself - and force him to snuggle with me for