A New Era

Today marked the changing of an era in my house. My eldest child started Kindergarten. I felt both old and young at the same time. Young, because watching her get on the bus and walking her into the school building brought forth a flood of memories -reminiscent of my own youth. It felt a bit like my first day of school. I had the sudden urge to pull up a chair and bust into a fresh box of crayons, but the teachers were all too quick to gently nudge us clingy parents out the door.

Old, because after I returned home the house felt suddenly quiet. Too quiet. My 3 year old was off playing peacefully with his cars and I didn't have the constant chattering of my best gal gnawing my ear off. It was my first taste of "empty nest" syndrome. And I did not like it. My life flashed forward 15 years and it left goosebumps and a cool chill down my back, which in turn made me go hunt down my 3 year old - who was playing so nicely by himself - and force him to snuggle with me for a good 10 minutes while I collected myself.

Picking her up at the end of the day made me all giddy like a school girl on a first date. I had perma-grin from the moment I saw her walk out the door. I could not wait to scoop her up and hear all about it - almost a bit like getting the latest piece of juicy gossip from your best girlfriend. I pretty much hung on her every word and my heart squealed with joy when the word she used to describe her day was simply: "awesome." Awesome.

Today she ate the school lunch because I needed to make sure she got the hang of it and knows the ropes for those inevitable days when I will be too busy (lazy) to pack her lunch and the novelty wears off. But tomorrow she will get her very first packed lunch in her fancy dancy princess lunch sack. If you know me at all, then you know I can get a little obsessive and compulsive about things. Lunch packing is no exception. It is an ART form and I have to say I am pretty proud of the healthy little lunch my girl will be dining on tomorrow. I even had to take a picture. Thank you to the obscene amount of lunch bloggers I have been following (stalking) to get ideas on what to pack in a lunch box.

My girl is so excited she gets to go back again that I could hardly get her to sleep tonight. "Mama can I go to my new school again tomorrow? Please mama?" I just hope that enthusiasm sticks around for the next 13 years. Awesome.


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