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Frozen Tundra

If you've never met another Minnesotan, then you probably don't know that the weather is an often discussed subject. All year round . We talk about the snow and cold. We talk about the heat and humidity. And then there is always the newsworthy tornadoes and straight-line wind storms. Those are fun. This week has been cold. Bitterly cold. Freeze your knees "how can people live here" cold. The high temperature only hit -5 one day. That was a NEGATIVE number in case you missed it. Farenheit. I won't torture you with the overnight lows and windchill factors. Let's just say they were obscene and inhumane. Why does this matter? Because I can't torch in this weather. My fresh air intake for my ventilation system successfully freezes out the entire house in a matter of minutes when the temperature gets this cold. I don't care because I am sitting behind a 4000 degree flaming hot torch. But apparently the kids and hubs do not appreciate having to wear their

Happy Birthday

It is hard to believe that 4 years ago today was the most insane crazy day of my life. My beautiful, charming, fun-loving little man made his exciting and dramatic debut into this world. Four years. Wow . Time is moving at warp speed. I wish I could just push the pause button. If only just for a little bit. You make my life complete. I love your silliness, your dreamy eyes, your sinister laugh, your devilish grin, your sweet kisses, your tender hugs, your thoughtful conversations, your crazy antics, your loving heart. I love you - everything about you. Happy birthday my beautiful boy!