Frozen Tundra

If you've never met another Minnesotan, then you probably don't know that the weather is an often discussed subject. All year round. We talk about the snow and cold. We talk about the heat and humidity. And then there is always the newsworthy tornadoes and straight-line wind storms. Those are fun.

This week has been cold. Bitterly cold. Freeze your knees "how can people live here" cold. The high temperature only hit -5 one day. That was a NEGATIVE number in case you missed it. Farenheit. I won't torture you with the overnight lows and windchill factors. Let's just say they were obscene and inhumane.

Why does this matter? Because I can't torch in this weather. My fresh air intake for my ventilation system successfully freezes out the entire house in a matter of minutes when the temperature gets this cold. I don't care because I am sitting behind a 4000 degree flaming hot torch. But apparently the kids and hubs do not appreciate having to wear their hats and mittens in the house while mommy is working away in the studio.

This is why it pays to be well diversified. Ah yes. I can still get my glass fix on by playing with the kiln. Thank goodness for cold-weather compatible fusing. Here's a couple samples of my latest batch of freeze your knees fused glass pendants. These will be available in my Etsy shop sometime this week. You can view the whole collection at my Flickr gallery. Stay warm!



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