Reichenbach Colors

A plethora of color charts and color sample pages can be found all over the web for most any glass color in the 104 palette. Unfortunately I have been unable to find a similar resource for the 96 palette.

I've been transitioning a lot of my glass studio over to 96 coe and am slowly building my color stash. Most of the time I go in "blind" when making a glass purchase because there may or may not be a picture of beads made with that color. And the photos may or may not be accurate and representative.

So this is my new little side project: make spacer beads and catalog colors of every glass I order in 96 coe for reference. Perhaps other lampworkers will find these little color references helpful as well. Happy torching!

R731 Dark Pink Coral
R087 Water Blue
R097 Lilac Red


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