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Back in Business

What a summer! Can't believe how long I was away from the torch. We got some wicked storms back in June that took out power for a few days and managed to fry my equipment. Throw a little European family vacation in the mix (will have to blog about that soon) and the next thing you know it is 7 weeks away from the torch. My fabulous and amazing husband fixed up my kiln and got my oxygen concentrator working again so I have been back at the torch getting into the swing of things. So many new ideas and color combinations are running through my head I can't wait to get them into glass. Here's a fun color inspiration trick for you to try. Come up with a word, type it into the magic Google search machine, and hit images. Then sit back and be amazed with all the eye candy. I did a Google image search on 'Havana' and this colorful classic car picture came up.  It was the inspiration for my latest set:   These beads currently up for auction on eBay .