Fused Glass Cabochons

Considering I haven't been in the studio for almost 9 months [see my previous post] I thought I would get my feet wet with some fused glass kilnwork before lighting up the torch and potentially burning the house down.

I always like to come back to my comfort place to rebuild the confidence when I haven't done something for a long time - even though it is a lot like riding a bike.

These little glass cabochons are cute and fun. There are so many possibilities. They can be turned into just about anything: buttons for sewing, fridge magnets, wire wrapped jewelry, mosaic and craft projects, and anything else you can dream up.

I've decided to list them as cabochons and let my customers decide what they want to do with them. Of course if you want them finished off into buttons, cufflinks, mini pendants, or fridge magnets I am happy to do it for you.

Feels good to create again. The creative juices are flowing and I have a lot of new ideas spinning through my head. Stay tuned for some new pieces in the coming weeks - just in time for the holiday shopping madness.

These glass cabochons will be listed in my Etsy shop this week - unless you message me first!


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