Power Tools: Not Just for Boys

A girl can never have too many power tools. I know, I know. Most girls are into fashion and makeup and sparkle and glitter and all that jazz. Not me. I could spend hours on end perusing the power tool section at the hardware stores. I can't last 5 minutes in the mall. My husband is the luckiest man on earth.

One of my recent tool purchases (to the delight of my husband) is a drill press. He's been wanting a drill press for as long as I've known him. Apparently he was just waiting for me to suggest adding one to the workshop.

A drill press isn't required to bring my glass work to the next level, but it certainly helps. I tried drilling a hole with a hand drill once. Once was enough. The press makes it much more precise. And I'm less likely to drill through my finger.

I absolutely love the new finish the drilled holes give the pendants. I personally feel it adds another level of sophistication and refinement. With holes I can finish them off with fine sterling silver wire instead of silver plated bails. And the durability cannot be beat.

There are still a couple shapes that actually look better with the glue-on bails and I will continue to use them in my work. But you can expect to see a lot more pieces done with drilled holes and fine silver. Hope you like them!

These will all be listed in my Etsy store sometime this week.


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