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Must Have Earrings

I haven't worn earrings in 10 years - or basically since my oldest was born and I felt that very first baby grab at the pretties that nearly yanked my ear off. I pretty much gave up all jewelry at that point. After my youngest was old enough to leave them alone, I slowly started wearing rings and necklaces again, but for some reason my ears remained naked. Until now. My friend Sydnie has a thing with earrings. She likes them big and long and insists all ears should have them. I became rather entranced with the 'statement' earrings she always wears and decided I must have some. So I busted out my supplies that have been tucked away in nice little baggies and boxes and went to town. It was an earring making spree I tell you. After keeping a few pairs for myself, I decided these needed to adorn the ears of my customers. They are fun. These are super light and hang so nice that you just can't help but shake your head back and forth a little just to whip them at yo

Sushi Plates

I've been on a sushi plate kick as of late. Not because I eat a lot of sushi. In fact I don't really eat sushi hardly ever being a vegetarian and all. But I just love this size and shape for glass.  It is such a fun canvas size to work with. And it is a great way to use up all those little bits and pieces leftover from bigger projects. I love how I can stretch my creative process to try stuff completely out of my "norm" without fear of wasting tons of glass if it ends up in the fugly bin.  Besides, they make super cute little dishes for gift giving. Hint. Christmas is coming. Watch for these plates and more coming to my Etsy shop soon.