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The Making of a Chandelier: Part 1

I have been dreaming of a colorful art glass chandelier for my dining room every since I laid eyes on a Chihuly chandelier in Las Vegas. I cannot afford a Chihuly chandelier. Or even a knock-off copy of one. So I set out on an adventure to make my own. Obviously I do not have a hot shop with a glass blowing furnace. This required me to stretch my creativity and design a piece that would work with kiln-formed (fused) glass, but still have that light and translucent blown glass feel I love. Step 1: Build a frame . Or better yet, find an antique one that could be re-purposed for use with fused glass panels. My husband told me that we do not have a big enough studio to take up welding at this time. Someday I will learn how to weld too. Someday. This proved to be a bigger challenge than I thought. I scoured auction sites, antique dealers, and craigslist until I finally found what I was looking for. Only it was that ugly old brass that had definitely seen better days. B