Winter Sabbatical

We have been in a deep freeze for so long that I haven't lit the torch since mid-December, the last day the temperatures were reasonable. Then we plunged into the negatives and I went into hibernation. Because what else can you possibly do when it is that ridiculously cold besides curl up into a ball under as many wool blankets as you can find?

If you know me, or have followed my blog for any length of time, you will know I like to complain about the weather. A lot. Too much. That will probably never change. Until I finally move someplace warm. Someday. #whydoilivehere

After experiencing studio withdrawals my sweet husband reminded me we have a space heater. Praise God for secondary heating devices. Still too cold to light the torch [the exhaust fan would freeze me out in 10 minutes or less], but definitely warm enough to cut some glass and fire up the fusing kiln.

So I decided to get my glass fix on by making some new night lights exploring the techniques I used for the chandelier project [if you haven't read about that saga you really should].

They turned out exactly as I hoped. I love all the incredible texture and how the light plays off the mix of opaque and transparent glass. So many fun possibilities I am pretty sure I will be making more in different color combinations.

These will all be listed in my Etsy shop in the coming weeks as I assemble the hardware and give them a proper photo shoot - unless one of them speaks to you and you message me first.

Stay warm!


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