Vintage Denim

If there was a spectrum for adult ADHD I am pretty sure I would land on it somewhere. Not enough to be diagnosed with actual ADHD, but seriously ... SQUIRREL!

Every time I begin to have a 'signature' style or color combination I suddenly lose interest and am onto the next thing. And the next. I get bored so easily that I frustrate myself and then I step away from the torch.

It always amazes me to see the large sets other glass artists put together. I wonder how on earth they can sit down and make 20 of the exact same bead. It is something I have challenged myself with often.

My latest series on color families has helped me to finally achieve this goal. It worked in combination with my other mission to clear out my studio of all 'odds and ends' colors to focus on my stock color palettes.

I had 2 rods left of this mystery light blue and decided to pair it with silvered ivory, amber, and brown. I also had a mystery jar of frit with all these same colors so they naturally worked together into the largest set of beads I have ever put together. They aren't all the exact same bead, but the same color family with a variety of shapes and styles.

They remind me of some vintage denim jeans - you know the old super stonewashed faded out blue ones from a decade long ago? So many possibilities with these. It was fun. I am going to look for more random odd colors to clean out my studio and make a few more mega sets.


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