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Recovery Road

Getting old is not for the faint of heart. Over the Memorial Day weekend we celebrated my birthday. It was fun and fabulous, until one false move... Doing the 'mom' thing, my hands were full and loaded down with food and beverages for the hangry children that were ready to keel over from starvation and dehydration. Said supplies were in the fridge of a friend's boat. Said children were at the beach area waiting impatiently. I thought I could make it. I got this. Moms are basically super heroes. I am used to performing heroics. Not this time. It is not entirely certain exactly what failed. Did my eyes misjudge the distance across? Or perhaps the depth of the drop? Did my leg and foot fail to execute the step properly? Did the boat move at just the wrong moment? I did not stick the landing. I fell shin first onto the concrete dock. Then bounced thigh, shoulder, and finally head. At least the head hit last and didn't take any force. Pretty sure the feet never even to