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Something New; Something Blue

Design ruts. Hate them. When the creative muse goes on vacation it can be difficult to get back on track. This is usually when I take a full blown hiatus and go do something else. Like gardening. Gardening is good for my soul ... and my backside - pretty sure I did the equivalent of 500 squats weeding the garden, and 30,000 steps up and down the ladder pruning the vine. In addition to all the fabulous muscle toning that gardening provides, I find it also recharges my creative muse and helps get me out of my design ruts. I always find inspiration in nature, and quite often the varied greens of the trees in combination with a clear blue sky will re-ignite my passion. Pretty sure you can find lime green and blue in nearly all of my creations - and frequently you will find them paired together. My latest jewelry pieces were born out of my favorite color scheme inspired by green trees against a clear blue sky. Minimalist and statement at the same time I find they are a fun contrast of