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So I did a thing. I joined Instagram . It was a little bit scary. All these social media platforms and I have no idea what I am doing - which is really sad given I work in IT . I didn't gain a million followers in 24 hours with my first post like Jennifer Aniston, but I'm not a celebrity so there is that . Sadly I waited so long that someone already took my defacto username. [ the horror ]  I'm still gonna hashtag the heck out of #beadbijoux though so anyone who knows me will find me. Now I have to work on 'banking content' . That could be a challenge given my propensity to abandon all forms of social media for long periods of time. I need a marketing executive so I can just melt the glass and string up the pretties. If you are already on Instagram give me a follow, like, shout-out, or whatever it is we do over there. I'd love to 'see' you. @lesliedeaunne My #firstpost of some fun little turquoise and olive barrel beads: