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Happy 2020

Is it just me or did 2019 come and go in a flash? Maybe it was because Thanksgiving was late, so the Christmas season seemed rushed. Still trying to figure out how it is suddenly the middle of January. Last week was so cold [there I go talking about the weather again] that I decided to fire up the big kiln just to warm up the house. It worked. That thing gives off some good radiant energy. Instead of huddling around the fireplace, everyone wanted to play in the studio. Then I promptly forgot I had run a slump schedule. I'm usually so excited I can't wait to peek in the kiln. It is often done with a bit of excitement mixed with a bit of anxiety. I love creating pieces that don't follow a reproducible pattern and are truly unique. All of the pieces that came out of the latest kiln firing are one-of-a-kind using various techniques. I think they are fun and I hope you like them too. Watch for the rest of the pieces in my Etsy shop later this week. And Happy New Year