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Chaotic Endeavors

While the world was thrown into a live action dystopian movie, yours truly needed even more disruption and chaos. If I didn't know better, I would almost think I enjoyed insanity as I tend to rattle my own world on a seemingly regular basis. Let's go crazy and build a house and move in the middle of a pandemic while the world is on fire and supply chain issues abound. Sounds like fun. While we are at it, let's also make sure the kids are ripped from the school district they've known since kindy and introduce them to a whole new lot of kids ... during hybrid learning and mask mandates making it even harder to meet people. And since we are on a roll, let's tear down the one thing that keeps mama sane and pack the studio up first to get it out of the way. MAKES TOTAL SENSE . Fast forward two years and here we are. We survived. The kids survived. The GLASS survived. And we are all happy and thriving and better than we were before. The house is amazing. Our new school d

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