Mint Green

Green has so many different hues and shades that it could be its own color wheel.

I personally tend to favor the extreme yellow or blue ends of the green spectrum. Chartreuse and lime are hands down my favorite ... unless you call teal green as well. Teal is one of those 'swing' colors that could be classified as green or blue depending on who it's with. I generally classify it in the blue family and regard seafoam/mint as the bluest of the true greens.

In the soft glass world, the one I use when I am looking for a mint color is Effetre 591213 Grasshopper. Not sure who came up with that name, but for me it is the perfect shade of mint green.

I most often layer it with Effetre 591031 Pale Emerald for added depth and that shine you only get by layering transparents over opaques.

These beads are teamed with blue and purple to really enhance those cool blueish undertones.


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