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Mystic Success - Getting that Shampoo Sheen from Reichenbach Mystic Glass

Lampworking Tips & Techniques Update 2023: The secret of Reichenbach Mystic glass is worthy of a re-post ... especially given I just started using it again and went through my trials and tribulations of the past - although I caught on much quicker this time . This glass really does like to be encased . Not only does encasing help protect it from devitrification, but it also highlights the translucent nature of the glass and allows the light to pass through - resulting in an opal and pearl effect that really showcases the beauty of glass. The added fancy of Mystic Beige is that it can appear more white or more cream depending on how much you thin it out with clear and how long and hot you work the bead. The pillows from before [shown below] were worked hotter and longer and slightly reduced for the silver glass effects. Those beads came out a lovely caramel cream - especially where they reacted slightly with the silvered glass.  The new barrel beads I made just this week came out

Mystic Devitrification - Avoiding Devitrification with Reichenbach 104 Mystic Glass

Lampworking Tips & Techniques Update 2023: This post is worthy of being re-published because I forgot everything that I used to know. Okay not really, but I hadn't used any of my Reichenbach Mystic glass for a very long time. When looking for a nice ivory glass to pair with my denim blues ... I instantly grabbed my Reichenbach Mystic Beige. And then proceeded to devitrify the snot out of it when marvering it around in my beadrollers. And then I remembered everything that I used to know . Reichenbach Mystic Beige does not like being marvered. Or pressed. Or generally touched with any tool other than the flame itself. I went back and re-read my own post and decided to set down the marver and round those babies up with gravity the old-fashioned way. Being married into a German family I've been hearing for years just how superior the Germans are at just about everything [eyeroll]. I figured they must make some pretty spectacular glass too so I went ahead and bought myself a s

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