Take a peak inside my little glass world!
The torching station - a Bethlehem Betta torch, part of my collection of presses and beadrollers along with my fancy ice cube tray stringer sorter:

*part* of my glass lampworking cane. There's another 3 shelves exactly like this one ... and perhaps a pile or two laying around the studio. You can never have enough glass:

The bead annealer - my trusty little Jen-Ken kiln that has been with me since the very beginning:

My big boy - Jen-Ken Profusion 16 fiber kiln that does all my fusing and slumping. Take a look at that fancy stand my amazing husband built for me to support the kiln and store all my fusing sheet glass and frits. He's a keeper:

Clever IKEA shelf snuck behind the door  to hold bins, baskets, and shelves of molds, tools, bead release and all the essentials a glass studio needs. One can never have enough storage space:

Hope you've enjoyed touring my little slice of heaven. It isn't huge, but it is where all the magic happens.


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